More Evidence that Coffee is Good for You

coffee[1] Continuing on from earlier posts about coffee, here is another taken from from an author known as WWW, originally posted on June 28th, 2010, providing more evidence that coffee is good for You.

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More Evidence that Coffee is Good for You

In the article we Why Should I Give Up Coffee? we pointed out that, besides its irresistible taste and aroma, coffee is a wonderful mental stimulant.  In addition, coffee has many medicinal properties which have been shown through many different studies in the last few years.  These studies had concluded that coffee can reduce the risk of Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Gallstones, and Type 2 Diabetes, just to mention a few.  But if that was not enough to get you excited about getting your next cup of java, recent studies have revealed additional benefits.

For example, a new study called Biomarkers & Prevention, published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, shows that regular coffee drinkers have 39% less risk of head and neck cancer.  According to the study, people that drink four of more cups of coffee a day have significantly fewer cancers of the throat and mouth.

Other recent studies have shown other health benefits of drinking coffee, including:

  • Prevention of Memory Deterioration
  • Reduced Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
  • Reduced Risk of Prostate Cancer
  • Reduced Risk of Liver Cancer
  • Protection Against Brain Tumours

Additionally, coffee is an excellent source of antioxidants which help reduce cell damage and aging.  According to Joe Vinson, lead author of a study on antioxidants conducted by the University of Scranton, in Pennsylvania, “Americans get more of their antioxidants from coffee than any other dietary source.  Nothing else comes close”.

Yes, coffee does have its downside, primarily due to caffeine, which can increase heart rate, blood pressure and affect sleep.  But each person metabolizes caffeine differently.  Some people may be unable to handle the side effects associated with the consumption of caffeine, but others seem to experience no side effects.  Yet others deal with any potential side effects by managing their coffee consumption, whether limiting the number of cups consumed per day, or avoiding drinking it later in the day to avoid any potential impact to their ability to sleep.

Overall, coffee does seem to have a positive net effect on your health as shown by so many different studies.  So if you enjoy this amazing beverage simply for its tantalizing aroma and taste, now you have even more reasons to “wake up and smell the coffee”.

About the Author

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WWS is a millionaire, consultant, investor and entrepreneur. He has advised Fortune 500 companies throughout the world on business processes, systems and human capabilities. WWS has researched the art of success extensively and wants to share with you the knowledge and wisdom gained throughout his success journey.


Wisdom all around

I was watching a re-run of ‘Smallville’ recently. An episode from 2009, called ‘Hex’.

In a closing scene Chloe Sullivan and Clark Kent are conversing:

imageChloe ~ “You can never be who you want to be if you are always looking over your shoulder at what could have been”
Clark ~ “Cheers to that”

What a fabulous observation and yet I have seen that programme before and never picked that up.
I guess that I was looking back over my shoulder and wasn’t present.

It occurs to me that Wisdom is all around us and the more present we are the more wise we can become.

KDS Group are proud to partner the inaugural ‘The Recruit’, organised by Renfrewshire Council to offer someone an £18,000 job!

“… when times get hard, pull the good memories to front of your mind… ”

with Dr. Richard Bandler Stevie Kidd is well known in NLP circles  (amongst other places) in the UK.

In his Facebook bio he says:
“Stevie you are front of a tanker in the ocean and you never look back to see impact you are making, I believe in always looking forward. It is, however always important to remember all the things in life that make you feel good, so when times get hard, pull the good memories to front of your mind to override the negative thoughts. I have learned to live a one attitude life full of positives, its more exciting ….”

Since June 2004, he has grown The KDS Group  from himself with one van and a big vision for the future to three parts in the group, distribution, training and his own personal transformation and enhancement programme.

He is a practicing Master in NLP, Hypnosis practitioner and Executive Life Coach and work with a variety of people with a range in challenges.

For more information on support to change your life, get life coaching or attend one of our events look at the KDS Group website or get in touch with Christine Ovens on +44 141 848 9888

Image from Stevie with Dr. Richard Bandler taken from Stevie’s Facebook

This article is from his web site


KDS Group partner ‘The Recruit’

KDS Group are proud to partner the inaugural ‘The Recruit’, organised by Renfrewshire Council to offer someone an £18,000 job!

‘The Recruit’ is a two day event that closely follows the format of the internationally successful The Apprentice.

Managing Director Stevie Kidd is now involved in finding the next Donald Trump or Alan Sugar from amongst a group of 28 teenagers from across Renfrewshire.

The fifth and sixth year pupils will take part in a series of team business challenges throughout the summer.

The prize is an extraordinary opportunity to work for a yet to be named company at a starting salary of £18,000.

Renfrewshire Council Leader Derek Mackay said: “‘The Recruit’ is like our very own Junior Apprentice. It is an innovative project which giving young people a unique opportunity to gain experience in what it’s really like in the world of business.

“They will get valuable practical experience and skills through taking part in the challenges as well as getting advice from some top businessmen and women. There is also the real opportunity to get a great job at the end – it’s like one big, summer-long job interview.

“‘The Recruit’ is part of the council’s ongoing commitment to supporting young people get into employment.”

KDS Group are one of the key sponsors of The Recruit. Stevie Kidd said: “KDS are delighted to sponsor and be involved this exciting new initiative. ‘The Recruit’ is a great approach to engaging young entrepreneurs of the future and making a positive difference in these young individuals’ lives.”

Stevie is working with Lanark company Border Biscuits to create one of the unique challenge for the candidates.

They will be given the task of designing and marketing a new biscuit. This will include identifying markets, creating sales leads, launching marketing campaign and designing packaging.

Border Biscuits make premium biscuits, employ 120 people and supply nearly 2 millions biscuits a week to national supermarkets and independent shops. They also export to 10 countries across the globe.

The winners of ‘The Recruit’ will be those who show the most potential and display the key skills business bosses look for – leadership, communication, innovation, problem solving and determination to succeed. The winners will be revealed at a black tie finale on Thursday the 19th of August.

Get Your Vision and Make ProVision for Your Success – Automize it Now too!

This item is from one of my trainers in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Elvis Lester. It is taken from his ‘NLP in Hypnosis’ group in ‘Linked In’.

Elvis’ company website can be found at:

image When you get an impetus to do a specific activity/action and you don’t what did you do to not do?

You likely said no, or focused on something else that was more prominent in your awareness.

So – use this and make what you know is important and needs to get done PROMINENT – so that IT IS what you focus on and SAY YES to doing and do it. Swiftly proceed to action, and get it DONE!

What are the things you already do this with? Those behaviours that you don’t even have to think about, you just do. You have automized these behaviours, haven’t you?

This is a strategy of sorts. The way you sort for these activities is refined and it works and it’s probably just “outside conscious awareness” (unconscious). You have already made a way of actuating and then activating – a way of reminding yourself and doing the behaviour literally without thinking. You’ve likely got an anchor and then a response already set up to link and launch. That’s what I call it.

You link to the idea or the VISION of it and you have already made a PROVISION for that behaviour. You have a structured response preset – patterned and YOU GO FOR IT –> DO IT.

There must be other behaviours and actions, activities that you desire or require to get done, even today, especially today. Isn’t there?! You can use this very understanding, a real skill you already possess, to program your desired responses, to condition yourself and them in the same way so that they kick in when you need them to to get done what you must do TODAY. That’s right!

Just identify the behaviour, make it look and sound and feel like those you do automatically. Actually code it in the same terms and conditions. Put it in these very same “terms” and conditions in your mind so that you do it with ease and expedience. Why? Because you can.

It is simple if you don’t make it hard. That’s how you did the others anyway isn’t it. You just did them with no real challenge. Somehow with your ability, conscious and/or unconscious, you simply, easily, and without much of a challenge or even really having to think about it you just did it. Give it a whirl, spin up that determination and get on fire for it. Let your unconscious be the guide and Go For It! Have some fun and enjoy the ride to success today.