‘Animal Crackers’ – Betsy Otter Thompson

Betsy Otter Thompson very kindly responded to my asking for a blog post by sending me an article called “Animal Crackers”. 

This is the first time that this article has been published outside of her own website!

Betsy Otter Thompson


An author of six books from a background in radio stations, acting, television and motion pictures, who in addition to writing The Mirror Theory, the first book in her trilogy on the life of Jesus,  has written four other books, published and distributed through her own company, Ascension Publishing.




her books were the answer to her prayers


Although these books are currently out of print, Betsy hopes to eventually reprint.

  • LOVEPARENT: How To Be The Parent You Hope To Be (1991)
  • LOVEHUMAN: How To Be Who You Love (1992)
  • YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK: Make Your Thoughts Delicious (1993)
  • The WHAT HAPPENS IF I…Book: How To Make Action/Reaction Work For You Instead Of Against You (1996)
  • THE MIRROR THEORY: The Way to Inner Peace, Resolution and Transformation (2005)
  • master_visualWALKING THROUGH ILLUSION: Jesus Speaks of the People who Shared his Journey (2010)

Betsy’s work has always gravitated toward the media. A native Philadelphian with a B.F.A. 512FDVCQSFL._SL110_[1]from the University of Pennsylvania, Betsy worked as an account executive for WFIL radio in Philadelphia, and from there went to radio stations WPEN and WFLN. After that, she became a commercial print model and acted in television commercials in New York and Philadelphia. For seventeen years, she worked in Los Angeles at the motion picture and television company Castle Rock Entertainment as the Assistant to the Chairman and CEO. In August ’99, she followed her boss to Warner Bros. as he took a new position there as President and COO, and became his Executive Assistant. She is now writing full time. Betsy’s writing began unexpectedly while going through an especially difficult time in her life. She believes that her books were the answer to her prayers.


Animal Crackers

When I was a child, Nabisco had a product called Animal Crackers. And for all I know, they still do. I loved how these cookies tasted and looked. I loved the packaging, too; the box alone was worthy of being a gift by itself. Each animal had characteristics that stirred my imagination and, as I reached into the box that looked like a circus trailer, I never knew what creative image my fingers would select. To me, it didn’t matter if the cookies were broken or chipped; I was hooked on the total package.

I believe that, as humans, we are equally diverse and appealing. So if we delight in the uniqueness of lions, tigers, and elephants, why can’t we enjoy the uniqueness of each other? Aren’t we individual in colour, shape, and sound like the animals are unique? And don’t we live in habitats that suit our personal growth? No one says to an elephant, why aren’t you more like a possum; and no one says to a rhinoceros, why don’t you sound like a bird? Why can’t we take the same delight in our different characteristics?

The animals have hearts that beat, bodies that function, and brains that react to stimuli. We do, too. When animals are attacked, they do what they must to survive. Why are we surprised when humans do the same?

The world is shrinking. Intercontinental communications, transportation systems, and escalating populations are making isolation impossible. How can harmony exist if we can’t accept each other? Throughout history, lasting peace has never come from making others wrong, calling religions evil, or shifting the blame. Why do we still think it will? How can peace be lived in the big picture of Earth if it isn’t lived in the small picture of each and every experience?

When my life is less than the peaceful world I seek, I ask myself the following: Am I living peacefully or hatefully? Am I taking responsibility or am I blaming? Am I looking for the best in others or the worst? Am I tolerant or am I bigoted? That’s where I find my answers for living the peace I lack.

Animals come wrapped in a package that suits their purpose here on Earth. Why wouldn’t we come packaged for the purposes we have here?

I believe that healing begins with me; not with this or that leader, or this or that country. I believe that leaders reflect the acting out of the masses in whatever country they rule. I also believe that, as we love and accept each other for exactly who we are, our leaders will mirror that oneness.

Betsy Otter Thompson
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