If you are questioning your teacher …..

My nephew Martin “Magic” Johnson travels the world as a professional drummer and just like a sailor has a girl in each port, he seems to have a drum kit in every city.

In the following video he explains his strategy to learning. Filmed during a Q&A session at a drum clinic in South Africa in 2009, he explains how he learnt from his first drum teacher – he says:

“find a teacher you have a great respect for and absorb everything they do”

“if you are questioning your teacher then question yourself and if you are still questioning your teacher, after that then find another teacher”…
“the best thing a teacher can give you is that kind of inspiration”….
“if you are going to fake it, fake it convincingly”

This is a very interesting video in many respects, his philosophy, certainly his skill!  Watch him play one handed!  and his sense of reality.  Way  To Go Mart!

“the best thing a teacher can give you is that kind of


Mr Noisy in action – “The one that got away”