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My laptop if off for repair so posts are being suspended whilst my machine is away, however ….
……Thank you all for reading my blog and for  adding your comments in Facebook and  on other sites.

I have been using the format of a joke 1 day , an article the next followed by a quote the day after , so that an article appears every third day.

As of 1st January, 2011 I will be reducing the amount of posts by 50% and only publishing a post every other day. This will allow me to focus my energies on a new project but in the meantime I have some questions for you:

What categories would you like to see?

  • Stay with 1 Joke: 1 Article: 1 Quote (JAQ)?
  • Something different?
  • Something additional?

BUT … I do intend to step up the amount of ad hoc posts, which will be in addition to the planned posts – these are usually things that I read on web sites and would like to share and I will probably do this using

Thank you for your help. Have a great festive season and a fabulous new year!!



2 thoughts on “Blog Post Review

  1. I like the way that you have been running the blog so far. Today’s joke was fantastic. “I know, but it no longer embarrasses me.”

    I would like to see more biographies of awesome people! It’s a great way for me to channel some of Tony Robbins’ ideas (standing on the shoulders of giants, modeling the behaviour of others, etc) without having to read his repetitive and somewhat patronizing books!

    Otherwise, keep up the good work. 🙂

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