I was in conversation with Jo recently and she sent me a copy of her poem.
She said
“It was really strange how the poem came to me.  It was about 15 years ago. I woke up at 4am scribbled it down and went back to sleep.  It won an international poetry competition. “

Jo Dean lives on the Isle of Man and wrote her first novel ‘Forty Not Famous’ when she moved back to the Island in 2002.
Whilst Jo stresses that all of her characters are fictional, she admits that many people she has known have provided inspiration for her work.
We all know a ‘Charlie’ or a ‘Henrietta’ and I am sure we have all met a ‘Mr Wrong’ or even a ‘Mr Wrong Again.’

Jo with family friend Chris De Burgh



I am drawn from other people’s images;
the fleeting touches
of those passing
through my existence,
leaving traces of their expressions
etched upon my face.

Some are butterfly wings
gently caressing my dreams,
others knife wounds
leaving scars of truth
which frequently weep
and cannot be grafted
by new experience.

I am painted and masked
with the foundation
of my dreams;
sprinkled with a collage
of dust streaked
with desire;
daubed from
a hardened palette.

The watercolours of my life
are washed over
in layers of moonshine,
starlight and cobalt blue;
until they seep into rainbows
and the canvas of tomorrow
is painted from a million todays.

by Jo Grey