Aging ungracefully?

That’s my plan. BUT I do believe that people who think that they were somewhat younger than they really were, have the tendency to remain so.
PS – I am only 23 really, but don’t tell please

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Right State of Mind Can Help  One To Age Gracefully

The ageing process is something that everyone has to deal with at some point in time, however it is not always a pleasant phase for all. This is due to the fact that the ageing process is not viewed as the best phase of one’s life. Nevertheless, latest research has shown that ageing gracefully is merely a state of mind, not the result of chemicals or medications, as the majority of people believe. This recent piece of information has demonstrated that growing old is all a process and putting all our energy in fighting it back might not be more beneficial after all.

This is founded on studies that were carried out over the last decade whereby one hundred test subjects were observed for ten full years of their life. All throughout this period, the varied economical and social issues were considered in addition to the medical issues, comprising of medications consumed etc.

From the research, it was revealed that the persons who thought that they were somewhat younger than they really were, had the tendency to remain so and as they result they aged more gracefully compared to the others over the decade.

On the contrary, the persons who kept on fighting against their growing age with the help of cosmetics, medications and so on, aged in a much less graceful way. By making use of a particular scale, the researched were utilizing a set of numbers to decide how old a particular individual appear based on their real age.

Once the information was tabularized, it was concluded that those that the people who did not give much credibility to the thought of ageing and instead simply lived their lives seem much less aged than the other persons who thought otherwise.