“Grey Matter”

A Reuters article shared by my Facebook friend Rami Kantari:

…..strong connection between the number of Facebook friends and the amount of “grey matter” (he layer of brain tissue where mental processing occurs) in the amygdala …

More Facebook friends linked to bigger brain areas

A Facebook page is displayed on a computer screen in Brussels April 21, 2010. REUTERS/Thierry Roge

By Ben Hirschler

LONDON | Wed Oct 19, 2011 4:17pm EDT

(Reuters) – Scientists have found a direct link between the number of “friends” a person has on Facebook and the size of certain brain regions, raising the possibility that using online social networks might change our brains.

The four brain areas involved are known to play a role in memory, emotional responses and social interactions.

So far, however, it is not possible to say whether  ……….. read the full article at  http://www.reuters.com/

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