The Meaning of Life is NOT

It was my pleasure to be ChatviewedTM by The English Sisters on 14th November.

They are very skilled Hypnotists, with their very own and unique Hypnorambling style so I guess it was inevitable that we would end up with a Trance Out . After all, Hypnotists do love to practice!

I’d like to say that I won, but I can’t remember  Confused smile


Find the English Sisters at and
You can find their upcoming book at


5 thoughts on “The Meaning of Life is NOT

    • Glad you enjoyed it Adam. Yes, the English Sisters are fabulous aren’t they?
      They are so skilled in conversational hypnosis, which is how they are able to teach English to Italians so effortlessly and so easily.
      What appears to be as rambling are very skilful language patterns and influence, wrapped in humour and fun.
      As you witnessed, Its no secret that they love what they do!
      I love their work!

      • arthur sales hermoso en esa conversacion, con las chicas soy de MEXICO Y TE SIGO EN SONICO.No hablo ingles pero entiendo poco abrazos desde SONORA MEXICO CD.OBREGON

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