Digging for Inspiration

by Pam Castillo

Some, inspire others by representing their message with such gusto and enthusiasm that it’s contagious. It flows to those around them and to those whom they come in contact with. This is inspiration by association. It’s not the real thing. It’s fine while it’s there, but it seldom survives a crisis or the test of time.

Imagine a a desert with no water. There are two ways to get water. One is to find a body of water elsewhere and dig trenches to carry that water to the desert. You can channel the water in but over time, the channels close off. If the water has to be brought from where water is to where it is not, it’s a fragile arrangement and easily disrupted. Another way to get water in the desert is to dig. And dig deep enough and dig far enough until you find water that is native to that place itself. When you discover what is natural, or the resources within, there is no reason that it should ever be disrupted.

When you help others dig deep enough, far enough within themselves to find their reservoir of inspiration, it lasts. It stands the test of time. It’s a wider, deeper truth and it is generative.

©2012 Pam Castillo


Pam Castillo is a Licensed NLP Trainer by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming – Richard Bandler. Pam founded Clarity Institute, where for more than 12 years, she maintains a private practice for NLP Changework on personal development issues, health and healing and loving relationships.
Clarity Institute offers NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner certification courses and NLP workshops on a variety of topics in the Los Angeles area.

Read more about Pam at http://bit.ly/APClarity


6 thoughts on “Digging for Inspiration

  1. Well written, I think this is a great post and I love the way she approached it. Very inspiring to me, thanks:)

  2. I love the way she approached this. Well written and so inspiring. Thanks for sharing:)

  3. AyPee, I really think that if you show someone how to manifest this thinking from within themselves, they have the ability to change their lives forever. Artificiality is fleeting at best. It is much akin to the old adage “give a man fish he will eat for a night, but teach him to fish and he will eat forever”.

    • Thanks Laura-Lee.
      Within NLP we would take the strategy that someone has and teach to someone who could use it. Pam is very skilled as her article shows.

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