That’s not. Is it not?

There is a strange phenomena that happens when you use negation.

For example, if I were to say to you do not think of a blue elephant, the first thing that you would have to do is think of a blue elephant, so that you will know what it is that you must not think of.
Then  you can dismiss any thoughts of a blue elephant.

Since if you had to think of it then you cannot really dismiss it. Its too late! You already thought of it.

So, actually, there is a tremendous amount of power in using negative words and negative tag questions. Is there not?

I could, for example say “I’m not suggesting that you think about this as you sleep and dream tonight”.
Firstly, I am presupposing that you will sleep and dream tonight and secondly you will have to process this so that you can dismiss it. It is a command in the form of a suggestion : “Think about this tonight”

What are the chances that you will dream about what I have said – who knows?
The point is that you had to process what I said, which makes it a suggestion.  As my Mentor Steve Crabb says: “You cannot not process what I say”

In hypnotic language, the word not becomes very useful when making suggestions.  Does it not?

Now lets consider what happens in every day life and the hypnosis that takes place naturally:
Somebody might say to you “how are you?” and you respond
”I’m not too bad”
Your unconscious just heard, ‘I am ___ bad’.
It processes that and then reinstalls the word not
The ‘Auto Suggestion’ has taken place. Has it not?

So it may seem strange that one of the better things that you can do is to say
“I’m not too good”
Because your unconscious will process  I’m ___ too good, and then add not back into the mix

All of this can be a confusing process. It becomes clear when you practice it.
What may be better is to delete not from your language and always frame your words in factual statements.

“How are you?”
”I am OK”. There is NO negative auto suggestion in that answer. It  is a positive Auto Suggestion.
Is that a good idea? Is it not?

My thanks go to Frank Pucelik for this little gem!

Now for the tag question “Is it not?”.
It is a question that is tagged on to the end of a question or statement and it is designed to invoke a positive or a negative response.

“Is it not?” will invoke a positive thought and “Is it?” will invoke a critical thought – an investigation as to the truth of the statement or question and so it invokes the negative – Does it not?

So do NOT have a great day and do NOT enjoy yourself and I suggest that you NOT smile a lot today!


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  1. Yes, me too!… I know you are wondering….. and it is a good thing to wonder… is it not? 🙂 and my fav… if you were to know… what would it be? Pretty amazing stuff, yes Ay?

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