Integrity Rant Programme Log File

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Thought I might steam off today and see where that took me. Forgive me my indulgence but if it helps in any way I am glad.

I get, from time to time and increasing in frequency, requests to endorse people on sites or Facebook apps such as Branchout.

I have even received endorsements from people I have never met, yet alone worked with!

As a coach, I have to be trusted and my word is very much under scrutiny. If I don’t do what I say I am going to do, then why would a client want to work with me?

More importantly, I hold my clients to their word and I can’t do that if I don’t do or be what I say I am going to. If they promise to do something I will literally hold then to their word

Integrity with another human being is vital for a workable, yet successful, relationship. Even with machinery or technology if things are not kept within the integrity of the design they breakdown. Put simply:

broken integrity = breakdown = things don’t work

Strangely within communication, words only account for 7% of what is being communicated but when trust has been broken, more often or not people will will recite the words that were used … “But you said ….”

Again, what is more interesting, is the energy that is consumed by being out of integrity way exceeds any gain that has been made! People actually get physically sick when they are out of integrity with the intention of the communication or the design in their lives.


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Picture1so what of stress? How is that caused?
Look to see if things are in keeping with the design or with the intension.

What was intended is usually framed in a box called Agreement.

<end graphic>

Broken agreement = broken integrity = breakdown

And that’s why I am stressed today.

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Open-mouthed smile


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