Putting your foot in it alone

Once upon a time there was a chap, who after a bitter divorce, became very lonely and so he went to the pet store and told the owner he wanted an unusual pet to keep him company.
After much discussion, he decided on a centipede, which he immediately named Carl. It came with a little white box which could be used as its house.

Centipede iStock_000018779056XSmallHe took the box home and found a good location for it, and decided that he would start off by taking his new friend to the pub to have a drink. So he peeked into the opening on the box and said “Hey Carl, would you like to nip down to the pub for a beer?”

There was, however, no reply, and that bothered the chap a bit. A few minutes later he asked again and said “Hey, how about going down to the pub with me for a beer?” But again there was no answer from his new friend. So he waited ten more minutes thinking about the situation and then decided to ask one more time.

He put his mouth up to the opening in the white box and shouted “Hey, you in there, would you like to go to the pub place and have a drink with `

At this, a little voice came out of the box and said “No need to shout, hang on a minute, I heard you the first time. I’m putting on my shoes!”


Employee Motivation Theory of Flow

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Employee Motivation Theory of Flow
by @ rezawismail

When the job enjoyable, life seemed good, when the work is considered an obligation, like a life of slavery. -Maxim Gorky

We’ve all experienced times when running without realizing it. This usually happens when we do something we like. Concentrate the mind becomes very focused. No boredom, only personal pleasure. We become oblivious of self. Vigorous activity and motivation.

Psychological condition is called ‘flow’ or flow. Other terms are fiery, prime focus, concentration, centralized, in the zone, present, in the moment, groove, in tune, and others.

Flow theory, the concept put forward by a psychologist named Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

And if a person works in a state of flow is then he will be very excited and full concentration to the job he was doing. Trust himself to be increased to maximum and fully motivated to achieve goals.

The characteristics of an employee or anyone who is experiencing flow is that he loses self-consciousness and more attention to his actions.

Measurement of time becomes distorted, so forget the time. It could even forgot to eat because they do not feel hungry or tired.

In the theory of flow , a very high motivation to work is usually achieved when the job is done quite challenging but still dominated by expertise. And was quite enjoyable for those who do.

Metaphor of flow is flowing along the flow, for example, we can observe the artists who are creating works of art; painter, sculptor, singer, novelist, musician and dancer who was performing or the athletes in action, athletes who compete, gamers who playvideogame , scientists are busy researching, and an employee who lost in their activities.

Writing blog 100motivasi this instance, took me to the flow condition in which I enjoy writing activities up to three hours seemed like only a few minutes.

I feel very excited when made in writing will result http://100motivasi.wordpress.com/ and satisfied that I was motivated to write again and again.

Work is performed in conditions of flow is psychologically motivated. Morale is high with the maximum attention.

However, the flow can not be enforced because it should happen naturally.

Several factors can trigger the condition of flow is: a work goal or purpose clear, focused and structured. Workers have the skills and knowledge to do their job well.

Next is the task or activity that is done has a feedback that can be immediately responded. That is, the adjustment measures can and should be done in order to achieve the best performance. There are many opportunities and flexibility to anticipate in the process of achieving work objectives.

And most importantly, that the challenges facing could be resolved by capabilities. If the challenge is less, a person will experience boredom or it could be apathetic. If the challenge is too difficult but less ability to be able to bring anxiety or stress .

Characteristics that need to be instilled within employees who need to be motivated to experience flow are: improving competence and curiosity (curiosity) to improve, strengthen the spirit of tenacity and work from within, avoiding the delay and immediately execute a plan of action, and a thirst for achievement .

Environment and work culture needs to be organized in order to support the creation of conditions of flow and growth in employee productivity. The leaders or managers in the company should provide guidance goals / objectives clear with its working procedures, monitoring the achievement of specific indicators on a regular basis, affect the work team to be more effective and efficient.

The results obtained from the condition of flow is increased motivation and mastery of the work, to concentrate and focus to maximize achievement, self-optimization of the potential and the maximum productivity, job satisfaction and overall a more positive emotions.

Employees who are in a state of flow at work will become more enthusiastic in his work, loyal to his company, produces contribution quality, and be very productive but still feel satisfied / happy that employee motivation is maintained.

Follow the blog 100motivasi for employee motivation tips or techniques improve employee morale by using the theory of flow in specific, measurable, and can be successful!

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Tips Motivasi

Ketika pekerjaan dinikmati, hidup serasa menyenangkan; ketika kerja dianggap kewajiban, kehidupan seperti perbudakan. -Maxim Gorky

Kita semua pernah mengalami saat waktu berlari tanpa disadari. Hal ini biasanya terjadi ketika kita mengerjakan sesuatu yang kita sukai. Pikiran menjadi sangat fokus berkonsentrasi. Tiada kebosanan, yang ada hanya kesenangan pribadi. Kita menjadi lupa diri. Beraktivitas penuh semangat dan motivasi.

Kondisi ini secara psikologi disebut ‘flow’ atau mengalir. Istilah lainnya adalah berapi-api, fokus prima, konsentrasi penuh, terpusat, in the zone, present, in the moment, groove, in tune, dan lain-lain.

Teori flow ini, konsepnya dikemukakan oleh seorang psikolog bernama Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Dan jika seseorang bekerja di dalam keadaan flow ini maka dia akan sangat bersemangat dan konsentrasi penuh dengan pekerjaan yang sedang dilakukannya. Kepercayaan dirinya menjadi meningkat secara maksimal dan termotivasi penuh untuk meraih tujuan.

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Is Robert Cialdini socially influential?

I am currently re-reading Robert Cialdini’s ‘InfluenceThe Psychology of Persuasion’, in which he writes about 6 principles:

  • consistency
  • reciprocation
  • social proof
  • authority
  • liking
  • scarcity

I wonder how the model he describes exists within Social Media. Has it evolved into something else? It just got me thinking how these principles apply now- a-daze and

these are just my thoughts


Consistency has 2 facets in Social Media:
Consistency of timing and consistency of content

Consistently posting on time is important but what you post needs to be varied or Random (the problem with that word is it’s popular use to mean something else). This holds true of any relationship: physical, personal, transactional, etc.

If you consistently post the same material, interest in you will wane and your influence with it.  Much the same if what you audibly say becomes predictable people will loose interest and you stand the risk of becoming known as a “Cracked record” – “always going on about …”, “’… blah blah blah …”

If you are posting, daily, weekly, monthly or at any other fixed period of time try not to miss your slot because when blog readers stop reading our blog or page, they tend to not come back.


Hey! You like me, I like you!
I follow you, you follow me!

People need to be appreciated, even if that means that you just appreciate them for  appreciating you.  In the absence of anything else:

“Thank you” or “Thanks” goes a long way.

This can be difficult when you have lots of followers, but my objective is to respond to every Twitter mention that I get. For me, the optimal way sees to be:
reply personally to ‘one to one’ Tweets and group the ‘multi-Tweep-Tweets’ into groups of 6 tweeters and ‘’Shoutout’ in some way.  To make it easier, I get all my mentions emailed to me.

I do similar things on other networks, wherever I can.

Social proof

Social Proof does not equal Social Troof!

We will always find the evidence to substantiate what we believe, say or think. We make things true.

What the Thinker thinks the Prover proves
~ Robert Anton Wilson

Taking Cialdini’s spin on this, this hasn’t changed. The masses determine what is true and prove it,  even if it isn’t true.

It is born from agreement and masses tend to agree with mass thinking.

With the opportunity to post out to millions of people in one go, then re-posting or re-tweeting what is considered popular can be instantaneous and cascades towards millions more …  Isn’t that what is known “Trending”?

Most of the time this is mass hypnosis


‘I iz important cos I sez I iz important!

I’ve come across a few of them in my time and the ‘Follow Me or else brigade’ in Twitter prove that one. Not what Cialdini is referring to but close methinks.

The easiest way to get authority is have somebody proclaim you an expert.

Being an Expert is about reputation rather than knowledge and it attracts others. If the person who is attracted then sees no evidence that you are an expert and that you lack knowledge or understanding or experience, they will personally downgrade you but your reputation will still last longer.

Many an incompetent has been deemed an expert and survived – it occurs to me as a Westminster sort of thing Open-mouthed smile

An expert is somebody who says or writes something that somebody else hears or reads and then tells someone else. To the third person, who heard or read what the second person has said, the first person will probably become an expert.

Isn’t that Social proof?


Now-a-daze, ‘Liking’ is a function, in Social Media. It may mean I like what you have written (emotional) or simply I have read what you have written (function).
‘Likes’ count towards Social Capital scores and Social Capital is a measure of Influence.

Unfortunately using ‘Likes’ as a measure in calculating Social Capital means that scores can be manipulated. For example you can visit someone’s page and like everything  they have posted –this is known as  ‘Like Bombing’.

Coming back to Cialdini’s point, if you express like for someone or something about them, you can achieve positive rapport much more quickly and that is good practice. It is also good practice in Social Media.

People are usually likeable. Find something to like about them.

If you genuinely like what someone has posted then hit the like or favourite buttons. Its good feedback for them and they will like you for it.

The feedback can also help stop somebody becoming a ‘Cracked Record’


Probably more akin to Marketing but also tactical in personal relations. Not being readily available is attractive – isn’t that right, girls?

I don’t think that being unavailable is a good thing in established relationships and that includes your followers or friends in Social Media. But in courtship: ‘Is there any other way ?’

‘Is there any other way ?’
~ Melvin Udall [Jack Nicholson] in ‘As Good As It Gets’

Court prospects, court potential lovers, court supporters, court partners, court Joint Venturers and appreciate everything they do for you

I conclude

This isn’t the truth. Its just my thoughts as  a person who has been called an expert by somebody else. I hope you Like what I wrote and that it does bomb. I’ll like you for it!
If I haven’t been posting to my blog of late, I was probably being Scarce but consistently so Open-mouthed smile

Sources http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119822/quotes NOT!
Robert Cialdini ‘
Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion’
Image Wikipedia

Late for Work

Late for workTom had this problem of getting up late in the morning and was always late for work. His boss was mad at him and threatened to fire him if he didn’t do something about it.

So Tom went to his doctor who gave him a pill and told him to take it before he went to bed. Tom slept well and in fact beat the alarm in the morning. He had a leisurely breakfast and drove cheerfully to work. “Boss”, he said, “The pill actually worked!”

“That’s all fine” said the boss, “But where were you yesterday?”

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