Great first article from Paul Cosens

Secrets of Successful Transformation

For those of you practicing NLP and enjoying, I want to offer you an interesting, effective way of removing the basis for your client ‘having a problem’.  Just in case you are ‘having the thought’, this might be something mysteriously magical then stop!  I haven’t started to explain to you the basis for people formulating the very idea of a problem and above the idea of ‘having it’.

Since if we stop for a moment and consider that we don’t actually in any ‘objective’ sense have anything, we can be very ‘free’ mentally and actually.  The notion of possession is purely a notion and between people and peoples agreement.  We don’t in actual fact own, possess or have anything, do we?  There are things which we consider to be belonging to us or not.  This is purely a consideration.

Similarly, the client does not actually ‘have thoughts’, ‘have ideas’ or…

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