Here is an article I put together exactly 1 year ago. I wonder just how much has changed..
I get how closed people are becoming and within the 30 year old sector there is almost a need to lie to avoid hurting the feelings or status quo of others.
May the truth set you free! I believe that it is not our need to be happy, rather that we be free, because if we are free then we set others free.
Stay great BE awesome

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I was interested to read articles on the BBC News websiteYahoo, and watch a BBC TV News story about diminishing Integrity, in the UK.

The Essex Centre for the Study of Integrity, at Essex University, have carried out a research and there is a PDF, available for download from their web site There is also an Integrity test that you can take and you can find this at

integrityThe study includes comparisons :
by Social Background,   by Occupational Status,   by Age Group,   how standards have changed between 2000 and 2011 and   measurements for 20 European Countries, from Russia the most honest to Portugal ….. naughty naughty!

     The UK seems to rank 14th … oh dear!

It seems that we are telling lies more and that the standards under which we lie are changing – I guess 

like everything else, it seems to be getting…

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