Do you telephone people less than you use to?


Michael posted this question in Facebook, as you can see.
My response was as follows:

The HR guy,  where I used to work, talking about email, ten+ years ago, was telling me that he thought informal communication was suffering badly.
In that respect email has transitioned into Social Media and has improved again.
I have great friends that I have never met!

I think the phone as a verbal device, is now the casualty.
The phone is now the ‘Smart’phone which is predominantly a non verbal device but it is dominating communication.
It will be interesting to see how that will swing back.

‘Swings and Roundabouts’


That’s how it occurs to me.
What do you think?

Frequenting a vibration


I was asked what this meant.

Here is my view:

We all vibrate – which is energy.
Everything in the universe is energy. Everything vibrates
If God is omnipotent and omnipresent, then God is everywhere all the time and is the energy (and it’s frequency) within you.
If you become aware of your state or how you are being at any point in time you tune in.
In which case you are tuning into God.

In NLP terms we observe how when people internalise, they create their reality.

Thinking, day dreaming, dreaming tend to be unconscious activities and we tend not to remember the insights we are getting whereas if we are conscious of our internal state we realise much more and have greater choice and freedom


Behave yourselves
(Its all a question of imagination)

iStock_000009165312_ExtraSmallBehave yourselves and do what you are told!
As a child you may had heard that at school or home or both.

I am finding more and more that I am using the ‘BeSayDoHave’ model on clients, and friends, who are stopped or confused about where they are in their lives.
That seems to be the common theme in life right now OR it just occurs to me that way.

There is a certain directionless in people’s lives.
I think because they are buying into the recession thing and the pointlessness they believe as a result.

Actually, never before have we had so much opportunity to imagine and create!

But we are certainly in transition.
Social Media is causing and assisting that big time.
We are amidst a Social Revolution which is bringing all sorts of authority under scrutiny and conspirisists are having an open run at most every known and unknown event of the past zillion years.

Perhaps it is that governments and corporations are disempowered as a result and the feeling of lost-ness and leaderless-ness is showing up

The ‘Be Say Do Have’ Model

The model follows the state of unconscious into unconsciousness and back out again.

BEing requires no consciousness – one just is just feeling or just being in a state for no reason.
When we get to SAY something about that we become conscious of our state which will probably cause us to
DO something (consciously or unconsciously)
thus causing us to HAVE something. (again consciously or unconsciously).

States of Concern

Most states of concern are so practiced (repeated time and time again) they run automatically and become unconsciously executed.

But let’s look more closely at the model:

As a child we were always imagining BEing something and telling (SAYing) others about  it and then DOing things and HAVing experiences before moving on to the next BeSayDoHave cycle = Playing.

If we didn’t HAVE the result we imagined we probably threw a tantrum or got upset until it was forgotten and then we started the whole BeSayDoHave cycle off again.

Going then into the next stage of our development (??) of entering education, we also enter an environment where the chances are that we need to be controlled.
What we BE and SAY become casualties because there is a need for us to DO and HAVE things so that we comply with the rules.

You can’t have 30 Kids BEing and SAYing things all at one time. Chaos will follow and control will be lost.

In point of fact Self Control was being installed in us and not all of us can do that.

The Short Circuit and Getting Stuck

What I come across are people who have gone through the system and arrived in a future where unconsciously they are under great (self-)pressure to DO something to change how they are (BE) feeling and the short cycle of DoHave is constantly being run without achieving the desired result.

They believe that to HAVE change that they need to DO and haven’t yet found out what it is. They need to do something or are having trouble deciding something.
They have forgotten to BE and SAY what it is that has come to them unconsciously.

In the DoHave cycle there is very little room for unconscious imagination and people constantly come up short.

Choice, Not Decisions

Adding BeSay back into the equation increases scope and depth and most importantly choice!
Things become unstuck
and the pressing need for decision goes away.


if it doesn’t work out throw a tantrum in your head and start a new cycle.


Web Famousness

BBC news posted 2 articles this week
BBC-News‘Britannica ends its print edition’ 
– “After 244 years the Encyclopaedia Britannica will no longer be produced in print, new editions will appear only online”
‘No toilet in half of Indian homes’ 
– “Nearly half of India’s 1.2 billion people have no toilet at home – fewer than have mobile phones – according to the latest census data”

and there, in a nutshell is the impact of modern communication and the priorities people attach to it.

A friend on Facebook, responding to “No toilet in half of Indian homes” responded with “Bonkers!” She has a point! That is bonkers!

Recently asked the question what is about, it occurred to me that it is about Web Famousness.

Social Capital sites like and http://Peerindex.Net measure our activity on the larger Social Media sites.  A sort of Who likes Who likes What expressed in numbers.

It occurs to me: if you have high scores then more people know about you and the more “Web Famous” you can be. The higher your ranking or score the more people want to follow you and the more people want to follow you and talk with you , the higher your score and the more famous you get.

So I guess, there is a dilemma:
It is great that we can now freely communicate, like never before, but there is a cost – institutions die and humans prioritise temporary conversation above the need to live healthy lives.

Is this  “Social Expenditure” being spent to achieve “Social Capital” (“Web Famousness”)?

The “Social Balance” is that we can use Social Media as a means to highlight and keep highlighting where Human thinking is out of balance and as for the old institution that ‘Everybody will be famous for 15 minutes’ – that’s blown!

Stay Social. BE Famously Healthy

Read all full about it

Sunday Morning and I am scratching around trying to find GOOD news.  Personally, I have no wish to receive bad news!

Obviously, I will have to receive bad news but the news media, be it paper or electronic,  Extra Extra GOD NEWS iStock_000017913369XSmallseems to be full of BAD news and it makes me wonder why?

As a coach/trainer/mentor/hypnotist, I am fully aware of the power of stories.  In point of fact the majority of my work is expressed in stories so that my clients can take from it what they need.

So Stories=YES.  BAD stories =NO

It is simple: good stories create good energy and bad stories create bad energy.

It is usually, because someone has repeatedly told themself a BAD story that they ask me to do  the work that I do.

Extra Extra GOD NEWS iStock_000017913369XSmallI have heard it argued that we get the press we deserve. Clearly newspapers wouldn’t sell if the stories in them did not suit their readers. I don’t even believe that the news should be all GOOD either BUT I do believe that there should be a balance of Good and Bad.  What editors choose to put in their papers should be balanced equally between Good and Bad.

The GOOD news is out there and I get to share what I can on Social networking sites.

So, help me out here Editors. I want the world full of good energy!

The Meaning of Life is NOT

It was my pleasure to be ChatviewedTM by The English Sisters on 14th November.

They are very skilled Hypnotists, with their very own and unique Hypnorambling style so I guess it was inevitable that we would end up with a Trance Out . After all, Hypnotists do love to practice!

I’d like to say that I won, but I can’t remember  Confused smile


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