So What of the Law of Attraction

  My friend tells me that the Universe is already providing you with what you want by the time you ask the question.

When I met Michael Q Todd l469984823ast year, we talked about what we thought the LOA was about. He said it is about being Kind and Expecting stuff to be/occur. I said that I just Know and I am being of service.
We are quite close to each other’s interpretation.

All I know is that in early December 2015 I declared 2016 to be a year of Magic. I expected it, never gave it a second thought. I got everything that I expected and more.

It requires us to be aware when things happen that we asked for it. It rarely comes in a clear way and usually not where we expect it. There is a danger of us missing what we asked for because it isn’t obvious and because we have a notion where we want XYX to happen we get distracted by that too.

So I would just advise you to be aware.
The biggest thing is not to keep checking in. Each time you do, Bärbel Mohr used to say, you are cancelling your order and placing a new order – A watched pot never boils


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Sunday Morning and I am scratching around trying to find GOOD news.  Personally, I have no wish to receive bad news!

Obviously, I will have to receive bad news but the news media, be it paper or electronic,  Extra Extra GOD NEWS iStock_000017913369XSmallseems to be full of BAD news and it makes me wonder why?

As a coach/trainer/mentor/hypnotist, I am fully aware of the power of stories.  In point of fact the majority of my work is expressed in stories so that my clients can take from it what they need.

So Stories=YES.  BAD stories =NO

It is simple: good stories create good energy and bad stories create bad energy.

It is usually, because someone has repeatedly told themself a BAD story that they ask me to do  the work that I do.

Extra Extra GOD NEWS iStock_000017913369XSmallI have heard it argued that we get the press we deserve. Clearly newspapers wouldn’t sell if the stories in them did not suit their readers. I don’t even believe that the news should be all GOOD either BUT I do believe that there should be a balance of Good and Bad.  What editors choose to put in their papers should be balanced equally between Good and Bad.

The GOOD news is out there and I get to share what I can on Social networking sites.

So, help me out here Editors. I want the world full of good energy!

Stor: ies / eys / ed ties

It’s all a story!

Sometimes words just show up and I find myself playing with them.
I try to break them, reconstruct them, see what else I can do with them, look for the ambiguity in them ………… and always have fun with them …. to see where my logic takes me.

As a child, I was fortunate enough to have had parents that told me stories at bedtime and  on occasions during the day, stimulating my imagination and creating my reality. Kids just play and what they do is live out what adults would call Unreal situations in a very real way.

I decided about 11 years ago that Santa Claus is real and I am looking forward to him visiting my house again this year – this may be a problem since I haven’t been good this year but when I’m bad, I am probably at my best!  ;-D
I don’t think it helped, when I said a few years back: “I don’t care who you are! You are not parking that thing here!”

So what about stories?


Newspapers carry stories. TV News present stories. Theatres play stories. The film industry makes millions from creating and selling stories. Authors.. painters …artists… gift their stories to the world.
When we communicate with each other we tell a story as soon as we can get it into the conversation, to  illustrate what we are saying. Yeah Right! We probably just can’t help ourselves; we are compelled to do it.

Social media is full of stories and most technology is there to support the creation and telling of stories.

So, what’s the story?

My Life Is A Story
(and so is yours)

a simple story developed by stacking stories on top of stories into storeys and the dangerous thing is when the simple story becomes a stored tie. We can get tied into a story that we constructed and then fix our reality to it, losing the flexibility of the imaginative child, that we always were and will probably always be.

Personally, I believe we are designed to forget contrary to the view of a good friend of mine, who believes we are designed to remember.Young couple sitting on sofa and dreaming That’s one entity with 2 perspectives or at least that’s my story.

The great thing about stories is that they are all made up and if your life is a story and you made it up, then you can make up what you like from NOW on.  We all do it anyway.

Take, as an example 2 old boys in the pub (actually my mate Rob and I. We are both young sexagenarians and we have known each other for 50 years) recalling the time that we went to The Alexandra Palace ‘Love In’ :

Do you remember going the Ally Pally ‘Love-in’ in Pat’s Austin Westminster?

We didn’t, we took the train!

We can’t of done! We went to Waterloo Station first and drove up to Wood Green.

That wasn’t Waterloo! That was Charing Cross and we caught the tube!

Same event, 2 different stories. The point being,  because the detail gets forgotten, the story won’t run and each of us has plugged the gaps with our own detail so the story can run – we have Confabulated

According to Miriam Webster Free Dictionary:

“Fabricate imaginary experiences as compensation for loss of memory”

So, here’s the deal:

Since all (life) stories are based on PAST events, we have to recall them and actually recreate them NOW. The detail, or lack of it, is stored in different areas of our brain and we have to pull it all together to be able to present it as fact …… which it isn’t,  since we will probably have confabulated so that the construction can be complete.

It’s not what happened. It is the story of what happened – a sensual representation of events. We would have deleted, distorted and generalised our experience.
If I were to tell you my life story in full detail, it would take more than 61 years to tell. Before  I would have finished I would have died and you would be bored witless!!
So, as a matter of course, I have to delete, distort and generalise.

You can hold great store by that

“Create your own adventure because experience is all that there is” Ⓒ ~ Arthur Partridge AyPeeCo