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Training by Dr. Richard Bandler “Doing Happiness” with Matrix Essential Training Alliance (META)

Training by Aventesi Training London

with Master Trainers Steve Crabb and Tina Taylor former head assistants to Dr Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna who have helped to train over 30,000 people to use these amazing skills.


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World famous entrepreneur & founder of Virgin Group of companies

  • Hear Sir Richard’s Golden Rules for the entrepreneur – his personal system for success
World’s #1 Peak Performance Coach

  • Tony delivers his strategies for Success Conditioning – How to access your peak potential for achievement
Founder of Amstrad

  • Baron Sugar shares his tough, proven strategies for beating the downturn and escalating growth.
T. Harv Eker Blair Singer Robert G. Allen Andy Harrignton
Harv is the author of the #1 NY Times best-selling books, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and SpeedWealth.

  • How to achieve success without money, good looks or special connections!
  • How you can recalibrate your mindset for massive success.
Best Selling Author, Rich Dad Advisor, Founder of SalesPartners

  • Creating a blueprint that will help turn you into a top performer in your niche, and your business into the dominant market leader.
One of the Most Influencial Investment Advisors of all time.

  • Creating wealth even when you have little or nothing to start with.
  • Use the power of leverage to build wealth rapidly!
One of the leading authorities in the UK on the psychology of success

  • One of the leading authorities in the UK on the psychology of success
  • Achieving greater success simply by being more of who you already are.
Greg Secker Adam Ginsberg Tom Hua John Lee
Founder of the UK’s #1 Trader Coaching Company.

  • Why Forex Traders are the highest earning of all traders
  • The fastest way to quit your day job and become financially independent
eBay’s 20 Million Dollar Man. The most cutting-edge ideas for making money on the internet with Ebay and Speedlings – The Next Generation in Online Income Technology.

  • How even a total online newbie can easily create cash-making websites in seconds.
  • Systems for Genuine, Immediate, While-you-sleep, Income Generation.
A true pioneer in the internet marketing industry

  • How anyone can develop and market their products and services over the Internet.
  • How to turn what you already know into an endless stream of passive income!
Co-founder of Wealth Dragons and co-author of the first Lease Options book to ever be released in the UK.

  • “No Deposit, No Problem” Cutting edge internet and wealth creation techniques.
  • How to create enough passive income through property investing to never have to work again
Jordan Belfort Kerwing Rae
Known as the Millionaire Maker, Jordan is the author of the NY Times best-selling book, The Wolf of Wall Street.

  • How to use the Wolf’s secret, Straight Line Persuasion System, to sell your vision to anyone. This is the system that created over 12,000 Millionaires in a nine-year period – most of them with no prior business experience and no college degree
  • The 2 alarming things that caused Jordan to crash and burn – and how to avoid them
  • The four success-rituals that Master Millionaires perform every day, to ensure unending wealth
  • How to control every negotiation, and get the best result possible… ALWAYS!
Australasia’s #1 Expert on Influence and the author of “The Entrepreneurial Apprentice”