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Sunday Morning and I am scratching around trying to find GOOD news.  Personally, I have no wish to receive bad news!

Obviously, I will have to receive bad news but the news media, be it paper or electronic,  Extra Extra GOD NEWS iStock_000017913369XSmallseems to be full of BAD news and it makes me wonder why?

As a coach/trainer/mentor/hypnotist, I am fully aware of the power of stories.  In point of fact the majority of my work is expressed in stories so that my clients can take from it what they need.

So Stories=YES.  BAD stories =NO

It is simple: good stories create good energy and bad stories create bad energy.

It is usually, because someone has repeatedly told themself a BAD story that they ask me to do  the work that I do.

Extra Extra GOD NEWS iStock_000017913369XSmallI have heard it argued that we get the press we deserve. Clearly newspapers wouldn’t sell if the stories in them did not suit their readers. I don’t even believe that the news should be all GOOD either BUT I do believe that there should be a balance of Good and Bad.  What editors choose to put in their papers should be balanced equally between Good and Bad.

The GOOD news is out there and I get to share what I can on Social networking sites.

So, help me out here Editors. I want the world full of good energy!