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What About Ear Worms?

Please  see my blog posts Get That Song Out My Head! University Of Montreal Study On Those Pesky Earworms, dated 28th May and More Earworms, dated 29th May, 2010.

The following has to be a REAL EARWORM!!



Among his repertoire as such classics as Please don’t Pee in the Pool” and
“I Got a Pea” (No reference to Forrest Gump!)


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I can’t hear what you are saying

Here is a scan of a birthday card from my last birthday ( I was 60, but don’t tell anyone. They think I’m 29!) and recently a new friend on Facebook “liked” it.
I  liked it so much I used it for my Facebook Profile Picture for a while, but it does beg the question:

Is it true that Senior Citizens smile because they can’t hear what you’re saying?

😉 Probably (……. NOT!)

It makes me laugh because according to the classifications I am a Senior Citizen (HEY out there! 60 IS THE NEW 40!) but I have to admit I enjoy the free bus travel, the discounts on the trains and I am even going to get a Heating Allowance this year.

Here’s the deal

  • with age supposedly comes wisdom and a Senior can become a place where people come for advise (I have a teenage daughter … tell me about it)
  • Seniors  have probably experienced many things and instinctively know how to do stuff  (You think? Most people think I can do almost everything – please don’t tell them I can’t , I love the celebrity!)
  • 0,,21281620,00[1]A Senior is probably more passive and less excitable (This is ME you’re talking about … less excitable?! Yeah Right!)   

You see, with all that demand, the one thing a Senior does enjoy is a little bit of piece and quiet ……… “sorry, what did you say?” “Sorry, I didn’t hear you”.

0,,21281620,00[1]And, of course, the great thing about having a bus pass is that I can tell people that I am coming to visit but not tell them how long forNOW, THAT IS SENIOR!

Can you hear me? Ha ha

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