The On Side as a Rule


I loved listening to Matt Kendall speak, the other night.
A man after my on heart!

I think of goals like Football Goals – fixed, solid and every chance of missing them usually resulting in stoppage time.
i.e. The game (life) requires minimal down time in my opinion

It is better to focus on your actions, skills and behaviour and bend it like Beckham
Its all about what you do, rather than what you plan

  • JFDI!
  • notice how good it feels and
  • see what else you can do

As Landmark Education say:
SatisfACTION comes from being in action

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Natural Balance

Nature knows no right or wrong only balance or imbalance

~ Professor Hollis Walker


And it doesn’t care, methinks.

To create real possibility, notions of things being right, wrong, good or bad hinder the process, whereas asking the question: “Does this work or not work?” creates a clear steer. However, balance is always the access to true possibility.

As Landmark Education say “You can’t have Break-Through without Break Down”

source Criminal Minds series 6 episode 12 Corazon