Imagination Encircles The World



“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
~ Albert Einstein


Einstein’s biography is available at the Wikipedia site.


In his blog,, Leo Babauta writes “Creativity is a nebulous, murky topic”.
could mean vague and Murky can mean dark, dim, or gloomy – with which I am not sure I agree.

To me creativity is a high energy state and it is almost impossible for it to occur from a low energy state.
If it is high energy then by definition it is bright and awake; even if it emanates from the unconscious. 

The unconscious is recognised as being deep inside but it is not a dark place. Rather it has a perceived depth which makes it remote (some may say too distant to understand) but again, it is  a bright and energetic place.

image3[1]I also believe the only place that creativity can can occur, is in the present.
It cannot happen whilst one is “stuck in the past”, although it can be fed from those experiences which obviously happened in the past.
So …

 Creation always happens in the Here and Now
see my blog post “Life Just Is” – posted 5th July,2010


Leo goes onto identify the number 1 creativity habit is solitude.
He says “Creativity flourishes in solitude. With quiet, you can hear your thoughts, you can reach deep within yourself, you can focus” and “… there are lots of ways to find this solitude”

This a very interesting observation.

For me the “solitude”, that Leo refers to is not a separation from others (kids create beautifully amidst noise and chaos)  or even silence. It is in the separation and silence of entering into an unconscious or internal state. A beautiful mind?

Go Create

When I work with clients, I usually have to gather them up from the past and bring them into the present so that they can create a future –  to me coaching is all about creativity.

Create your own adventure because experience is all that there is.





“Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought” ~ John F. Kennedy




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