A husband is driving his car;  his wife sitting next to him, when suddenly, he hears a police siren.

A police car pulls in front of his car and he instructed to stop.The Policeman exits his car, comes up to the husband’s window and asks him to get out of his car.

“Sir, do you know that you have been speeding for the last 5 minutes?”
The husband replies, imploringly: “Oh no, I really didn’t notice, officer. I am so sorry, I promise not to do that again ….”.

His wife interrupts: “That’s not true, he knew he was speeding and had no intention of slowing down!”

The police man continues: “Also, may I ask why you don’t have your seat belt on, sir?”
The man replies nervously: “Oh, I released it when I heard your siren so that I would be ready to get out of the car to …..”

Again his wife interrupts: “That’s rubbish! He hasn’t been wearing his seat belt since we left home!”

The husband becomes very angry and yells at his wife: “would you shut up, you stupid #%$!” The police man is shocked and asks the wife: “Mam, are you going to let him speak to you like that?”

The wife replies:
“Oh, don’t worry officer. He is always like that when he’s drunk!”


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