Create your own adventure because experience is all that there is.

A Possibility Strategist, licensed Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Business and Personal Coach , Trainer and strategic thinker from a Blue Chip Multinational background, who successfully pioneered simple solutions to resolve complex problems, optimised resources to reduce overheads and increased the bottom-line through creative, unconventional and often ‘Ground Breaking’ thinking. A visionary, who works with a blank sheet to create solutions, enrolls people into new ways of thinking and creates communities to deliver results.

Broad base of experience in Strategic Planning, Finance and Business Risk, I.T., Stock and

I love the sound of breaking Glass

Production Planning, Logistics, Customer Services, Human Resources, Merchandising and Retail.

Having spent 33 years in various planning and administrative roles for a Blue Chip Multinational, in 2000, I started AyPeeCo to help people and small businesses who got stuck.

Four years in retail, serving customers, staff and suppliers alike, added to my experience; where I also trained staff in all aspects of service and clarifying themechanics of human behaviour to the benefit of all.

Over a 20 year period in Basketball, I learned about people from people as a referee , a coach, as Chairman of Surrey Basketball League, Surrey Area Basketball Committee and Surrey Basketball Executive and as Chairman of The London Basketball Region.

AyPee with 14 foot Python

AyPee with 14 foot Python weighing in at 30Kilos

My NLP was learnt from whom, I consider, are the best:

Dr Richard Bandler – the co-developer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ (NLP) and the creator of Design Human Engineering™ (DHE).

Michael Neill – Master NLP Trainer. The bestselling author of “You Can Have What You Want” and “Feel Happy Now”. An internationally renowned success coach

John La Valle MBA – Master NLP Trainer. The President of The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™

Paul McKenna PHD – Master NLP Trainer. Probably the world’s most famous Hypnotist and TV Personality. Paul provides strategies for life improvement . His books include ‘Change your life in 7 days’, ‘Instant Confidence’ and I Can Make You Thin’.

I’m here to make positive and mostly life changing differences to people’s lives.

To the point. Taking it by the throat


  • Confidence and Performance Coaching, Neuro-Linguistics (NLP), Hypnosis, Training in Customer engagement, Selling through service, Building Community into Business
  • Combat Fears, Phobias, Habits and Addictions Weight Control and Smoking cessation
  • Freedom to create Fun and Happiness