Pam Castillo

“Arthur Partridge’s blog is the most interesting and unique one I’ve seen. I highly recommend you all go and sign up now and be amazed and amused daily. Well done AyPee! Brilliant. I’m going to contact you for blogging lessons when I’m finished with my web site redesign.”

Pam Castillo
Clarity Institute
Winnetka, Los Angeles

“If you like to have a thought for the day, read AyPee’s Blog,
It always has something to make you think and at the same time learn something new to talk about.
I recommend that you sign in and enjoy the articles, be surprised each day as Arthur covers a wide range of subjects, success stories, current news, training opportunities and much more.
Well worth a look.

Ian Dyer
Master Practitioner of NLP
Head of Operations
Epsom & Ewell Borough Council

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Lost Connection

Connected ……?

Jane Tyson

A Random Diablog – Family Connection

Cast your thoughts back to your day.

When during the day did you fully engage and connect with your child(ren)?

In a Minute – Hold on. 

Like all kids, my kids are busy, they play out with other kids, watch TV, get absorbed in a book or nerf game, or quite often are on their screens for their ‘screen time‘. When they take a break from what they are doing, chances are we are distracted on a screen too or absorbed by a household task, or our minds are elsewhere. The children might strike up a conversation or want to show us something and we often say ‘oh in a minute, hold on’ or we listen but our attention isn’t quite there. 

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Then when we are in the zone to sit and talk they aren’t,  the opportunity is lost and they are…

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