Pam Castillo

“Arthur Partridge’s blog is the most interesting and unique one I’ve seen. I highly recommend you all go and sign up now and be amazed and amused daily. Well done AyPee! Brilliant. I’m going to contact you for blogging lessons when I’m finished with my web site redesign.”

Pam Castillo
Clarity Institute
Winnetka, Los Angeles

“If you like to have a thought for the day, read AyPee’s Blog,
It always has something to make you think and at the same time learn something new to talk about.
I recommend that you sign in and enjoy the articles, be surprised each day as Arthur covers a wide range of subjects, success stories, current news, training opportunities and much more.
Well worth a look.

Ian Dyer
Master Practitioner of NLP
Head of Operations
Epsom & Ewell Borough Council

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‘They’ Made Me Do It.

Things are a changing.
It is the teachers and parents that are going to facilitate the generation of non-systematised (traumatised) adults.
Ones who can think for themselves and create what is needed in the future.
It’s also time for Government to step out of Education and leave that to the educators. Let’s face it Government is very poor at doing most anything. Why entrust our future to Beurocrats who want everybody to be exactly the same and controllable, I suspect?

This post is from an enlightened teacher and parent

Jane Tyson

A Random DiaBlog from a concerned Mum and Primary School Teacher.
My first Primary School teaching job was ten years after the introduction of the 1988 National Curriculum, which was about bearable.  I was an Art Coordinator; my lessons were as creative as possible, I had freedom, fun and autonomy to a point.  We made time for Golden Time and if there was Wet Play with board games, paper aeroplanes, Connect 4, craft, etc then the children were ecstatic.  A chance for them to just BE, share, collaborate and discover with their friends.

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Now, though, the intensity and control in schools is quite overwhelming and quite out of touch with 21st-century educational research and thinking.  While there is a big noise around the terms ‘mindfulness’ and ‘wellbeing’ I’m not seeing much evidence of it being practised or supported in schools.

My experiences and conversations with…

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